Glamour of the Gods Book

Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation

Alfred Hitchcock with MGM Lion
by Clarence Sinclair Bull, MGM 1958

Glamour of the Gods, published by Steidl Publishing in July 2008, is a survey of Hollywood portraiture from the industry's golden age 1920-1960. All Photographs included are drawn from the extraordinary archive of the John Kobal Foundation in London. John Kobal was the last century's pre-eminent authority on Hollywood photography and was the first collector and later author who systematically sought to understand photography's important role in creating and marketing the great stars central to the Hollywood mystique. Garbo, Dietrich, Cooper and Bogart are among the great faces featured, and all photography will be taken from the archive's sparkling original vintage photographs. Film historian Robert Dance is the book's author and he has written about John Kobal's important place in Hollywood history, as well as provided a lucid overview of the still and portrait photographer's place in the Hollywood studio system. Critic and historian John Russell Taylor has provided an introduction drawing from his memory of many years of friendship with Kobal. Glamour of the Godspays tribute to the many players whose images remains potent worldwide generations after they appeared on the screen. Additionally the book will be a serious study of one important aspect of the movie industry and should appeal to both fans and scholars alike.


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